Spin Magnetics – MCD

Logo Proofs V1


In Set A I remained techy and angular with regards to the type but chose a font that is much more contemporary and technical. Contrasted by the MC Davis line, almost like a signature. The box it is in helps ground the entire logo to the page. The bobbin icon is similar to the previous one.

In the A2 version, the bobbin is replaced by the angular lightning bolt or symbol of energy/power.

In the A3 version, the bobbin is used and connects to the “N”, almost to suggest it is plugged in. 


Set B is the same as A, except that the main type is rounded not angular. Again, it communicates a contemporary look but with a more flowing and softer feel. 

In B2.2 I replaced the angular power bolt with a softer edged bolt to match the font. 


The C versions introduce a new icon of the magnet. I know that the magnet is not necessarily used in the industry, but it is a universal identifier of magnetism. And the break up of the bottom end points lends to it the notion of positive and negative. It also makes for a memorable and identifiable icon. C1 and C2 only differ from the angular versus rounded font used.


I really liked the magnet icon used in C and used it here, while rotating it 90 degrees. Almost like it is pulling at the name. This wider and still contemporary version allows for more of a base to add the MCD line and in the D3 version, the tagline which I purposely left out of the other versions. Just felt like too much text otherwise.  

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