• Parent or Student: A mix of parents and students responded, with parents being the majority.
  • Age: A wide range of ages participated, from students in their late teens and early twenties to parents in their fifties and sixties.
  • Sex: Both males and females participated, with a higher number of female respondents.
  • Annual Household Income: Varied, with many respondents in higher income brackets.

Branding & Experience

  • How often do you use The College Butler: Most respondents use the service once a year or over the summer.
  • How did you first hear about The College Butler: Many heard about it through university-related channels such as emails as well as though friends or referrals. Cloesly followed up by university websites and social media.
  • Likelihood to Recommend: Many respondents are very likely to recommend The College Butler, indicating a positive overall experience.
  • Overall Satisfaction: A significant number of respondents are very satisfied with the service.


  • Most Important Criteria when Selecting a College Moving Service: Reliability ranked first, then convenience and finally price. 
  • Would you use any of the following services if offered by The College Butler: Services like airport or event transportation and mini-fridge/micro-fridge rental account for almost half of respondents. 
  • Have you used other college moving companies: Most respondents have not used other college moving companies, showing a preference or loyalty to The College Butler.


  • Did you compare pricing with our competitors: A mixed response, with many not comparing prices.
  • Was our pricing more or less than our competitors: Mixed responses, but almost half find The College Butler to be more expensive.
  • Do you feel that you received a good value for the price of our services: Most respondents feel that they received good value for the services provided.

Open-Ended Feedback

  • General Feedback: Respondents appreciate the reliability and convenience of the service. Some faced issues like late deliveries or missing or injured items, but they also appreciate the problem-solving approach of The College Butler.
  • Suggestions: Some respondents suggest improvements in communication, instructions for pickup and drop off, website navigation, and transparency in problem-solving.

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